3D product visualization

Would you like to persuade potential customers to consider your offer? Show your products in a realistic and detailed manner to make them come alive.

Starting from everyday technology such as smartphones, cameras, or headphones, to smart kitchen appliances and even futuristic vehicles: 3D product visualizations are mostly requested by manufacturers of technical products to encourage purchases. It’s undeniable that the first impression counts. Photorealistic 3D visualizations are in demand, which can specifically evoke emotions and needs, whether for film, company website advertising, or TV commercials.


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3D Product Presentation

Photo-realistic 3D visualizations bring handcrafted sketches and plans to life. Whether depicting a great battle between mythical creatures or a product, the individual steps of the process do not differ much from one another. At the beginning of each 3D visualization is the modeling of the subject, which can be design to preference. Specific surface properties, such as shading, reflections, or texture, can be realistically represented alongside the material.

3D visualizations are used in product marketing wherever classical product photography reaches its limits or where photography – for whatever reason – is not or only partially possible. This applies to large industrial plants as well as to tiny objects.

3D Visualisierungen von Design Objekten
3D Visualisierung eines Produkts

3D rendering for detailed images

Three-dimensional visualization is impossible without technical know-how and state-of-the-art hardware and software. With the help of computers, a three-dimensional model is created from raw data in a process known as 3D rendering. This allows for the depiction of visual effects and animations in films, promotional videos, commercials, and video games.

This is how I can specifically support you:

Many companies and agencies face significant time constraints. I provide assistance to your staff by utilizing my professional expertise and years of experience in creating 3D visualizations as well as in the field of 2D/3D animation. With this help, you can present your products, services, and projects in a professional and effective manner.

3D Sales Arguments

3D Visualisierung von Prototypen

In marketing products, 3D visualizations are now firmly established and also play an increasingly important role in product development. With a prototype visualization, you can already win investors while you’re still working on your product idea. Any errors in the planning process can be easily corrected, saving time and money. Take advantage of the many possibilities of 3D visualization and convince customers and investors of your products and projects!

Bottermann Visuals is your specialist in the field of 3D visualization.
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