2D / 3D animation

Do you want to professionally present your company and offerings in an image video? Do you want to deliver complex information in a simple and understandable way?

No matter whether you’re presenting products, models, or processes, animations can help explain complex information simply and clearly, regardless of the style of representation. Despite the growing trend of 3D, 2D animations remain very popular and are in high demand from businesses and the media. Even abstract concepts can be animated – only imagination sets limits.


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Bottermann Visuals is your specialist in the field of 2D/3D animation.
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2D and 3D Animation

Previously, countless hand-drawn graphics were required for 2D animation – nowadays, special software supports the labor-intensive production. Processes that require explanation are usually visualized through 2D animations. 3D animated images are not only used for producing TV commercials, but also for animating logos, typography, graphics, as well as product presentations.

2D Animation für einen Werbefilm

Image Videos and Animation

To simplify complex processes or messages, they are often portrayed through animations to explain them.

Whether 2D or 3D animations are used will depend on the topic and the budget available.

How I can specifically support you:

Working with precision under tight deadlines makes creative production particularly challenging. Although modern software has made animation creation easier, it still requires a lot of time, especially for 3D animations. With my longstanding experience and expertise, I can provide reliable assistance that will relieve your employees and can also support you in areas such as 3D visualization, helping you meet deadlines and schedules with confidence.

Fascination Movement

All animation styles – 2D/3D, Typography, Mechanical or Audio  – have one thing in common: it’s movement that brings objects to life. The precise and lifelike depiction fascinates me as a 2D/3D artist. Especially through 3D animation technology, the presentation of companies and their offerings has been redefined. Objects of all kinds can be realistically rotated and moved in a three-dimensional space. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to draw the attention of potential customers to your products and services.

Bottermann Visuals is your specialist in the field of 2D/3D animation.
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